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A Neo-Noir Murder Mystery

Sugar Pine, PA, a small town with a secret. Mysterious deaths, a disgraced star detective. Join Black Ocean, an underground group of ex-criminals and former goverment spies, that specialise in mysterious cases. They will give you access to their spy technology, as well as a team of in-field agents, The Luna Moth, and Nighthawk, who will find and gather information for you using their unique special skills. Whatever you need to help you uncover clues, hack hidden websites, and piece together the twisting mystery.

You will meet with your team over Zoom, where Vortex, Black Ocean's commander, will debrief you and then the investigation is in your hands. Biggs will be with you every step of the way, he is not a hacker but he might have some ideas if you need it.

Runtime: Approx 2.5 - 3
Players: 2 - 6
Rate: $80 per group / preview dates are discounted to $50

What people are saying

"If you want to investigate an interesting and shockingly unfolding murder story, go for it."

Joel Smilypeacefun - Reviewer at Room Escape Artist


Brett Kuehner - Reviewer at Room Escape Artist

"Definitely worth a play through in my opinion."

Cara Mandel - Reviewer at Room Escape Artist

"I loved being immersed in that world of mystery and suspense, it was like being in an episode of Twin Peaks."

- Amanda
"I cant' stop thinking about it. Truly one of a kind and extremely immersive. All of the parts made it seem like a three-dimensional puzzle. It's on a new level and totally outclasses anything else out there. Super impressive and just wow."

- Uriah
"It feels like an escape room and hunt a killer combined into a much more brilliant experience - it's filled with suspense!!!"

- Emma
"It's a riveting experience that builds from beginning to end!"

- Anthony